Sunday, January 18, 2015

Campbell Garden Update

2014 was a great year for The Campbell Community Garden. We had several new gardening families join us and we grew a lot of delicious food.
Harvest Sharing Garden donation, early October 2014
In 2014 we donated 1,600 pounds of produce to Esther's Pantry! Campbell Garden families generously donated their excess harvest and volunteers helped tend our 4 plots set aside for our Harvest Sharing Program. We are especially thankful to Hansen Family Farm who again sponsored the tomato bed in our Harvest Sharing Garden;  their tomato plants grew exceptionally well producing 426 pounds of fruit for donation!
Seeds from Renee's Garden. #thanksfortheseeds
In late 2013 we received a huge assortment of Renee's Garden seeds. We grew these through 2014 (donating many, many pounds of harvest from them) and were able to experiment and see which types and varieties were best suited to our gardens. A few stand outs include Sea of Red lettuce, Crimson Crunch & Pink Punch radish, Sunshine Mix carrots, and Spanish Musica beans.  We are delighted that Renee's Garden has decided to sponsor our garden again in 2015 with the donation of another huge box of seeds. Our volunteers think we should track our donations by measuring cubic feet rather then packet of seeds from Renee's garden will produce several boxes of fresh greens!
Mustard grown from seeds from Renee's Garden, harvested in early January, 2015
The 2015 season has started. We made our fist donation to Esther's Pantry last week: 7 pounds of assorted greens and a few radish. Although we did not meet our goal of donating 2,000 pounds in 2014, we are setting the same goal for 2015, so we have only 1,993 pounds to go!
First harvest for our 2015 donations!