Friday, June 1, 2012

Time to Plant

Today is the official start to planting at Campbell Community Garden! We have just a few more paths to finish up, and only 3 plots left to rent.

Celebrate Milwaukie Inc. who operate the Milwaukie Farmers Market (Sundays in Down Town Milwaukie) and Milwaukie Daze (July 27th to 29th) are a major sponsor of Campbell Community Garden, they paid for the installation of our fence and gates. I went to the first market day of 2012 and checked out some of the vendors, below is a small sample of what I found. You can see the full vendor list here:

The Hansen Family Farm Booth is a busy place!

Hansen Family Farm:  From their website: “We grew over 100 heirloom/open-pollinated Pepper varieties and 125+ varieties of heirloom/open-pollinated Tomatoes in 2011!  Not counting the numerous other garden necessities like heirloom flowers, cucumbers, summer and winter squash, herbs, and melons amongst other rare and hard to find vegetables!”
Here is the list of their list of starts for this year (note they may not all be available every week!)
The veggie starts in the Hansen Family Farm booth have nice descriptive signs, thier website also lists good info about each variety.
Little Brown House Herbary: I couldn’t find a website for them other than this Face Book page. According to the listing on the Milwaukie Farmers Market vendor list, they are from Boring, Oregon. Their booth at the market had a very nice selection of culinary herbs.

The Little Brown House Herbary booth is full of culinary herbs, nicely tagged with descriptions.

March Biological: Not a plant vendor, a BUG vendor! March Biological sells beneficial insects (green lacewings and lady bugs) as well as Mosquito Dunks for safely controlling the mosquito population (I really dislike mosquito bites!)

Shoppers line up to look at the lady bugs in the March Biological booth

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